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I’m not as spiritually inclined as the next person, but I think astrology is quite fascinating. Being a fan of cosmology, I think it’s a unique perspective of understanding human personality and growth. The dynamics are a lot of fun to work with and the themes of each piece are almost unpredictable. For example: When I started drawing for Libra, I didn’t intend to turn it into a “barbershop-esque” piece. The women were originally wearing suits, but it didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. However, it doesn’t take much of my time observing zodiacs by their traits and how they interact with others, with which I incorporate from experiences of my own. Do I know how to cut hair? No, but I do know that, as a Libra, it takes precision, cooperation, and charm to uphold the charisma of a successful barber.

Hope you enjoy these! Who knows, I may even do another edition in full-color next year.