This is an ongoing series, featuring inter-dimensional oddities and the human problems of original characters and concepts.

In 2007, as I was attending seventh grade, I was tasked with an exciting and bizarre project. I was tasked to write, direct, and produce a sock puppet show for the sixth graders — in which they would also take part. The script was composited by a wide list of sock puppet prompts. This included a caterpillar, bunny, zebra, dog, bird, alien, cow, king, queen, priest, and a bride. This was all for the music class. The sock puppet play was called “The Stinky Sock Adventure,” a story about a few animals that set out to save the King who was turned into a cow and kidnapped by aliens from outer space. Just a simple adventure piece, filled with obstacles between both the story and the dynamic of the characters. It was a fifteen-minute long production and it was performed only once.

The Stinky Sock Adventure stuck with me, ever since. I wrote additional installments in my old high school journals, each story growing stranger and more fascinating than the last. It was a crossbreed of medieval fantasy and contemporary adventure. Soon enough, I had a dream about The Stinky Sock Adventure and I was sucked into a new, obscure realm I sought as a psychedelic limbo where time is nothing but a distant memory. “Under the Triangle” literally defines this limbo’s disposition: beneath the Bermuda Triangle. (I have also written a few poems elaborating this.)

“Under the Triangle” follows the story of Moosey, a paranormal investigating, walking-talking moose, whose career has come to an end, in light of the aftermath of an alien invasion, in which he played a heavy role. As he battles PTSD, becomes ever-more unsure of himself, he is eventually fired from his job when new players come to the plate (which are allied alien forces who know better in keeping Earth safe from any further attacks), thus rendering the I.P.A. (Inconspicuous Paralyst Agency) obsolete.

Moosey winds up under the triangle when he reunites with an old partner: a walking-talking ForgetMeNot flower named Dacey. Dacey manages to convince Moosey to return to his roots, to play detective, solve mysteries, and be dignified. Reluctant, Moosey plays along in ways he never anticipated. “Under the Triangle” is a series of the unfathomable and the growth of the human spirit, through terror, friendship, and accepting the detrimental.