(Chapters are coming soon.)

Axyl Smithy is the best Varsity baseball player and he doesn’t even have to brush his teeth to capture the eyes of the cheer leading captain. But the moment he pursues a girl outside his comfort zone, the closer he steers into complete madness. From a broken wrist to enduring an unhealthy relationship with his father, Axyl is retching lava, stealing money from his job, while simultaneously hunted by a monster that feeds on the damned.

As Axyl proves his danger to not only Kingzing City, yet himself, two soldiers from outer space plunge into the overwhelming qualms of human reactionary, and they violently push their way to recover a mishandled superweapon. Don’t worry, a secret agent moose is on the case. Book your next adventure to “Infinite Valor: New Pants,” where everyone hates superheroes.