If you would like to see more of my work, as you can see how extensive it is, feel free to take a peek at my Patreon account. Coloring pages, original characters, commission work (still running at $30.00/per), and even videos highlighting behind the scenes. The catch? This is all for a killer cost of $3.00/mo for a subscription.

“Why pay when I can just screenshot and save to my phone?”

Good question. Patreon allows me to upload and submit work in its finest, truest condition. Such access to high definition work allows for a lovely wallpaper or screensaver. Otherwise requested separately, this is something you can’t get on Instagram or Facebook. Plus, you get exclusive access to my private BTS videos. Please enjoy this piece! It was a lot of fun to work with. And nothing brings me more pleasure than to share it with others. Cheers.