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FOR ALL WRITERS – College students, authors, bloggers, etc.!

Welcome!  Editing is tough, especially when you’re doing it by yourself; writing is a sporadic, tentative exercise. The constant rewrites are tedious; the dismal uncertainty is unnerving. So where do we, as writers, feel where we can “stop,” when art is never truly finished? This is why editors are a writer’s best friend, despite how intimidating the term. As your editor, it is my duty to approach in a professionally engaged manner. I am your colleague who will help inspire growth and provoke a firm direction to carry your voice higher.  Here are some of the following services I can provide to accommodate your certain uncertainty. Please bear in mind the mediums I am most efficient: novels, short stories, poetry, literary essays, screenplays, and plays, or any other piece that requires copy editing and/or proofreading (advertising, marketing, etc.)  For stories especially, I am most knowledgeable in drama, comedy, YA, fantasy, and literary pieces. 

(Turn-around times will be discussed with the client.) 

Copy Editing: I will be trimming the physical structure of your work. It’s more technical than it dabbles in content. This exercise is meant to deliver clarity and readability.  Alike wringing a soaked towel, a copy edit will ensure the freedom of error, neglect, and redundancies. 

Proofreading: A basic edit. Grammar, style, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and word usage will be corrected.   

Developmental Editing: This is the most common and heaviest type of editing, for the sake of the story. “The document is evaluated as a whole and problems of structure, organization, coherence, and logical consistency are corrected.” Essentially, I will deliver a full report determining what “works,” what “doesn’t work,” and where you can improve. I will address gaps, plot holes, character flaws, followed by what could be many cuts and heavy criticizing. I will also touch base whether your story is adhering to the genre you wish to appeal (“Is the drama a drama?”). After all necessities are implemented, your project may undergo some revision(s). Afterward, it will be better suited for a copy edit and/or proofread. 

Editorial Assessment: In a review, depending on how long the piece is, I will provide a diagnosis that highlights the work’s strengths, weaknesses, and where changes may be necessary. Proofreading is included in this treatment. 

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